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African Grey on Bannister Play AreaWe recently moved from Alaska to Minnesota. I'm finding the parrots are chewing on woodwork in the new home and they are particularly interested in the banister outside the loft area above the living room. I didn't have this problem in the Alaska house. But the woodwork in that home had less detail, just a simple round wood banister and flat trim.

It appears the detail in the wooden railings in the new home's banister and the trim around the doors here are much more appealing. There is a decorative router edge profile to the wood railing and the trim around the doors. My husband, Jerry, and I will have to come up with ideas to make wooden perches and toys with router edge profiles that mimic the railings and wood trim we now have in this house.

In the meantime we decided to give in to the birds and let them have the upstairs banister as a play area. In an effort to preserve the wooden rail, I wrapped the banister in sisal rope. I attached leather strips and pieces of hemp rope to the sisal rope to tie on toys and other items of interest. It is working. The parrots fly up to the banister and play with the toys and chew on the grass mats, vine balls and bits of wood tied on to the railing. The sisal rope protects the banister and keeps them from chewing the edges of the banister rail.

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