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Instructions:  The goal of Quote Puzzlers is to construct a quotation by selecting from available letters in the vertical columns. The letters in each column of the puzzle will go into the squares immediately above them, but not necessarily in the order they appear. A word broken at the end of a line will continue on the next line. A black square indicates the end of the word. When you have placed all the letters in their correct squares, you will be able to read a quotation across the grid from left to right.   Use the print icon in the upper right for a printer friendly version of this puzzle sheet.


Puzzle #1:  Favorite Poem

Quote #1 Solution: Famous Poem


 Puzzle #2:  Good Advice

Quote #2 Solution: Good Advice


Puzzle #3:  Fitting Description

Quote #3 Solution: Fitting Description?


Puzzle #4:  Is the Grass Really Greener?

Quote #4 Solution: Is the Grass Really Greener?


Puzzle #5:  Ancient Wisdom

Quote #5 Solution: Ancient Wisdom


Puzzle #6:  Amen!

Quote #6 Solution: Amen!


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