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Logic Store 200Peanut and four other parrots who currently live at Birds-o-Plenty pet store are all going to new homes. Each bird is going home with a different owner (one is Sue), is a different species (one is a Macaw) and is going home with a favorite toy (one is called the Woodpile). From the following clues can you determine each bird's name, species, favorite toy and new owner's name?

1. The Parrotlet loves to exercise on his swing.
2. Janet is the proud new mom of a Caique.
3. Josie loves her treat cage foraging toy.
4. Peco whose mom is Nela is not an Amazon
5. Echo and the bird who loves to workout on bungees live in cages next to each other in the front of the store, while the bird bought by Deb, the Amazon and the bird bought by Mary all live in a flight cage in the middle of the store.
6. The bird who loves the music toy is owned by Deb.
7. Zeeker is an African Grey.
Print and use the chart below to keep track of the information given in the clues.  

Favorite Toy          






Solution: Birds-o-Plenty 

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