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Beer Carrier Foraging Parrot ToyAs I was getting ready to toss out a cardboard 6-pack bottled beer carrier, I remembered seeing one put to use in a Talkeetna, Alaska restaurant as a napkin and plastic flatware caddy. I thought I could use that idea to make a simple parrot toy.

I cut some paper towel rolls in half and stuffed them with rolled newspaper. On a few of the stuffed paper towel rolls I placed a small vine ring for added interest. Then I put the stuffed paper towel rolls inside of the compartments on the cardboard bottle carrier.

I put the box on top of Buddy's cage to see if he would be interested in shredding the box or towel holders. I selected the top of his cage to introduce the new toy to give Buddy opportunity to get away from it if he was frightened by it at first.

I didn't have to worry about that. Buddy flew right to his cage to investigate the novel object I had just placed there. He looked inside the compartments and then took out the paper towel rolls and started shredding them to pieces.

I was happy to see that the other parrots were also interested in this toy. It is made mostly out of junk you would otherwise toss into the garbage or recycle bin and it is so easy to make - it takes no time at all. You could also put foot toys or nuts inside the compartments along with the paper towel rolls.

I've asked the neighbors to save all their 6-pack bottle carriers for me.

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