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Pollywood Parrot Studios advertised upcoming auditions for several classic movie remakes that would star parrots in the leading roles. Four parrot show biz moms decided that their birds would be just perfect for the roles. From the clues given below, determine which mom owned which species of parrot (one was an African Grey) and what role they planned to audition for (including "One Flew Over the Cockatoo's Nest").

1) Judy who didn't own a macaw, prepared her bird to audition for Casablanca, with the famous line "We'll Always Have Parrots".

2) Mary's bird wasn't scheduled to audition for either "Close Encounters of a Bird Kind" or "Beakzilla".

3) Sally's Quaker did not audition for "Beakzilla".

4) Neither Judy nor Jean owned a Caique.


Print and use the charts below to keep track of the information given in the clues.

Af. Grey Macaw Caique Quaker
Casablanca Encounters One Flew Beakzilla
Close Encounters
One Flew


Mom Species Movie


Solution: Show Biz Parrot Moms

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