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Parrot PerchesYour bird is on their feet 24/7.  In the wild, they have a multitude of choices of where to perch and can fly from branch to branch giving their feet and legs exercise.  In nature, parrots are also exposed to branches of various sizes, widths, and orientations.  The perches in your bird’s cage should mimic these natural conditions as much as possible.

By providing the proper variety of perches in your bird's cage you can help to prevent foot problems such as arthritis, tendonitis, atrophy or pressure sores from developing.

Several perches of varying size and texture also provide your bird with the opportunity to choose what may be most comfortable to them at any point during their day.

Perches are available in a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials.  There are also many interesting specialty perches available to meet an array of needs.  A minimum of three different types of perches should be in your bird's cage.   For more information on perches, check out our related articles.

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